The Importance of Recycling

Nowadays, the population is rapidly increasing day by day the increase in population, is directly proportional to the needs of the masses. To fulfill the demands of the growing population, industrial products are rising at the same rate. The industries are fulfilling the necessities but at the same time, they are damaging the ecosystem.

We should strive for ways to reduce the impact of land pollution. It is not only affecting the environment but also the natural habitat devastating the Eco-system. Some countries like Germany and Sweden are acting to counter the situation. Now, we have to question ourselves. Can we bear the changes occurring as a reaction to these? Or what would be the end result? It gives rise to various unknown diseases along with affecting mental health.

Recycling is a process of converting waste products into useful things. It depends on the ability of the material to regain its original raw shape before it was converted to the product.

Recycling is the only way left to save the world from dying.

Deforestation is on the rise, to fulfill the growing need for paper and wood. We have got limited resources that are fading into the one time used junks. It is very crucial for us and our environment because the waste which we and our industries are creating is polluting our homeland at an exponential rate. Respiratory diseases such as asthma, emphysema, and lung cancer, etc.are the byproduct of this waste. These wastes especially chemical waste are making our land infertile. When the waste is dumped in the land or water bodies and not discarded properly it reaches to the agricultural land through irrigation and as a result, our agricultural industries suffer. To avoid the agricultural land to be barren; we must take a collective step to stop this calamity.

      Moreover, industries are creating smoke which increases greenhouse gases and causes global warming. This may result in the melting of glaciers and ultimately the occurrence of heavy floods. Harmful gases and greenhouse effects can be avoided by recycling. It reduces pollution and global warming and as a result, saves our mother nature. The recycled paper will stop or will lessen deforestation, which leads to a clean and green environment and hinder the habitat destruction of many species.

     Recycling provides job opportunities for the majority of the population. Many people get employment in these industries. It helps in uplifting the living standard of the citizens of the country.

     Recycling preserves natural resources because for making new products from raw materials a huge amount of energy and efforts are consumed. But by recycling less energy is needed. 

      Most of the waste products are not biodegradable hence they can’t be decomposed turning into dirt heaps. Our land is filled up with garbage and trash, so to preserve our land for the next generations recycling is an ultimate solution. As our future generations rely on us whether we can save nature for them or not. 

     So we need to recycle the used products for a clean, green, and well-balanced society, in which not only the humans are free from troubles but also every living creature. It will keep our ecosystem balanced and save our beautiful mother nature from every disaster.